About Taiki Industry

Lumber Sales Business

We take our reliability from providing a stable supply of building woods for houses and our relationship with our customers.

This is a business which supplies high-quality lumber for house constructions. As a lumber professional which has 70 years of history, we have been taking an important role of a stable supplier for our customers and the benefit of our scale—our plentiful stock.

In recent years, the circumstance surrounding lumber logistics has been changing drastically. Due to a long-standing deflation and recession, that change has sped up, and distribution wholesalers must change its system to prevent being left behind. Also, since carrying stock increases cost and creates potential risks, it became common to perform lumber transactions without holding stock. In such times, Taiki Industry has continued to make stable purchases and secure stock to maintain a condition where we can deliver necessary product at any time. This provides our customers with reassurance and leads to a long business relationship. Therefore, we would like our customers to think of us as a company that values the trust of our customers rather than near time benefit.

A relationship where customers say, "We choose Taiki Industry if it is for the same price."

The system of lumber distribution has changed drastically in recent years to the point where the long-standing scope of influence in the industry has shifted enormously. Even in such times, Taiki Industry believes that our biggest strength is in our willingness to continue taking on challenges on top of our credibility and achievements which were accumulated over a long time.

Some customers say, "We choose Taiki Industry if it is for the same price," and that is the epitome of the corporate value we have been aiming for. We have our own purchase, stock, and sales formats as well as loading and delivery systems and are in pursuit of "what true services are for our customers." Taiki Industry is currently making progress in efforts to expand pre-established service systems to the rest of Japan. We are in the middle of constructing a network which makes fast deliveries possible by dividing the areas into western and eastern Japan and establishing stock bases in each area. We have already established a stock system in Hakata Port and have begun selling all around the Kyushu area. We will expand our expertise all around Japan and put effort into increased convenience of our customers.