About Taiki Industry

Drum Business

Responding to various needs regarding wooden drums with our top-class expertise and technology.

What Taiki Industry, which has a long experience working with various types of lumber, has been working on for the effective use of lumber is wooden drum manufacturing. We were successful in becoming a unique manufacturer by making possible the “manufacturing of wooden drums with a flange diameter of 2.8 meters” and the “manufacturing of both wooden and steel drums.”

There is an important process called heat treatment for wooden drums for export. Taiki Industry has heat treatment facilities in our company and completes all the procedures in wooden drum manufacturing independently. Taiki Industry handles various businesses from manufacturing to recycling high-quality drums as well as importing and selling affordable imported drums. We also manufacture veneer reels, paper, and bobbins. Please feel free to contact Taiki Industry about drums.

We will take the advantage of our technology and scale in wooden drums in order to attach an additional value of reassurance and trust in our steel drums.

Taiki Industry’s steel drums are completely made to order from their design and our customers’ requirements.

In steel drums business, Taiki Industry manufactures exported drums and domestic ones. Our strengths are quality of products and stable supply. Taiki Industry's mission is to have our customer satisfied. Although customers' requests are more difficult, Taiki Industry as a professional about manufacture for drums will do our best.