About Taiki Industry

Packaging Lumber Business

We use our professional technology and expertise in lumber to deliver reliable packaging lumber just when they are needed. We accept small lots and fast deliveries.

Taiki Industry has heat treatment facilities in our factories which are necessary for exporting packaging lumber. Please feel free to bring your lumbers, which are not bought from Taiki Industry, to our factories. We also have built our own system not only for heat treatment but also for deliveries. We deliver packaging lumber, promptly and accurately. We promise to do our best in responding to your inquiries.

We contribute to the industrial society through the provision of a stable supply of packaging lumber with the support of our top-class transaction volume of hem fir and Pinus radiata.

The foundation of Taiki Industry’s packaging lumber business is our experience and procurement networks from spending many years working with lumber as a sawmill. We have worked with hem fir for many years and are currently quite well known in the lumber industry.

As one of our overseas supply network, we handle a major Chilean sawmill, CMPC’s lumber, and its transaction volume is the highest in Japan. Pinus radiata has the benefit of a price advantage; Such supply abilities of Taiki Industry has shown strength in providing stable prices and supply. Taiki Industry also pays attention to the potential of Japanese lumber. We also have been putting effort into the development of Japanese lumber regarding producer revitalization, quality stabilization, and procurement network diversification. Taiki Industry will continue to contribute to the industrial society as a company that values the trust from each customer and producer.